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Why Choose TIE?
Texas Independent Evaluators, LLC (TIE) is a Designated Doctor Management Company based out of Fort Worth.

Owned by two Designated Doctors, TIE is a small but effective business focused on providing a quality service for Designated Doctors all over the state of Texas.

Designated Doctors:

Our personal experience for over 15 years as Designated Doctors provides a unique approach to meeting the professional and business needs for Designated Doctors, giving them the confidence and trust of quality services and timely reports. With over 150 offices in 130 counties and 5,000 reports completed, we personally manage each Doctor’s business to maximize their business opportunities.

Impairment Ratings:

Texas Independent Evaluators, LLC, works with doctors of varying specialties to provide fair, accurate and objective impairment rating and associated evaluation services.

Alternative Impairment Ratings:

We offer AIR services for referring doctors so they can ensure that their patients receive accurate impairment ratings by Designated Doctors. We analyze each report and have the knowledge and experience to critique reports so that an accurate impairment is provided.

“Integrity, Accuracy, Fairness”